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Exclusive Services

All the services provided by us are deeply rooted in the profound and mysterious science of Vastu Shastra. Additionally, we ensure meticulous attention to detail in the architectural design process to minimize client expenditure while delivering an outstanding project at a cost-effective rate.

Architectural Services

We prioritize energy in architectural services above all else. We incorporate principles of Indian Vaastu (Architecture) & deep science of astrology into our designs, which are entirely based on scientific principles and harness positive energy. Our endeavor is always to create projects that are beautiful, appealing, and vibrant. We offer architectural design services for residential and commercial projects in India and abroad. We specialize in creating unique and modern luxury residences including bungalows, mansions, farmhouses, and homes with exceptional design features.


Construction Services

We provide an experienced team of engineers to oversee and meticulously manage every aspect of each construction project with utmost cleanliness and precision in measurements. We consistently strive to enhance the quality of construction to the highest standards while ensuring transparency with the client and delivering the completed construction within the specified timeframe.


Interior Services

When we undertake the interior design of any project, we specifically employ Indian energy science. This energy science is entirely based on Indian Vastu principles, and through projects based on this energy science, we endeavor to deliver special positive and powerful energy to you. We don't just make the project beautiful; we strive to provide organized beauty within the project. We carefully select materials along with colors and arrange them according to directions, thereby making the project energetically vibrant.


Exterior Services

When designing the exterior of any project, we ensure to pay special attention to the fundamental principles of esoteric Vastu energy, such as incorporating strength and aesthetic appeal along with security and external beauty into the project. Additionally, the extensive utilization of architectural physics is carried out by our expert design team to make the elevation appealing.

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