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Construction and Architectural Design in Lucknow, India

Priyarth House is a construction and interior/exterior architectural design business based in Lucknow, India, represented by the domain We specialize in designing unique and innovative structures such as bungalows, villas, havelis, malls, hostels, schools, colleges, colonies, and multi-story buildings. Our expertise also includes creating Indian Vaastu-based houses and 3D animated landscaping for residential and commercial projects. At Priyarth House, our focus is on delivering exceptional design solutions to meet our clients' needs. We believe that our structures should not only provide a safe haven but also generate energy and promote well-being. Our unique selling point is our focus on creating architectural structures that serve society with innovative Infratech. Since 2017, we have been combining Vaastu or Astrology with construction and interior/exterior design, creating thousands of architectural designs based on deep Indian Vaastu. Our long-term vision is to expand globally and showcase our portfolio to prime countries around the world.

Project Showcase


At Priyarth House, we take pride in our previous projects and would like to showcase some of our most innovative designs. We believe that each project has its unique story and challenges. Our team of experts is always ready to take on new challenges and bring creative solutions to the table. We have worked on various projects such as residential bungalows, commercial malls, educational institutions, and multi-story buildings. Our projects are not just structures but also a representation of our client's vision and values.


Lucknow, India




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