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Project Management & Supervision

"We approach each of our projects with utmost seriousness. Working diligently and transparently from inception to completion is our foremost responsibility. It is the effective management and supervision of projects that sets our firm apart and makes it stand out from others. We divide our project management into three parts to ensure efficiency."

"In the first phase, we meticulously prepare all the necessary paperwork for our project, establishing a clear and detailed understanding between the firm and the client. Through documentation, we articulate the outline of the project to the client, including its costs and the anticipated time frame for completion. We ensure client satisfaction by providing them with comprehensive technical information through our documentation work, covering everything from project design to supervision." 


"In the second phase, we acquaint our clients with the subsequent steps of the project based on the documentation work, following a well-defined process established by the firm. Furthermore, if the client is fully satisfied with both the project's costs and procedural aspects, we proceed to prepare a legal agreement based on the documentation work and the client's requirements. This marks our transition to the third phase."

"In the third phase, we commence work on the project for the client and simultaneously explain the payment process to them. Once the initial advance payment is received from the client, we initiate the work on their behalf. As the project progresses, we continue to receive payments from the client based on the work completed. Our firm exercises great caution and diligence in handling payments to ensure that the client faces no inconvenience whatsoever."

"Our supervision section operates with exceptional efficiency, setting us apart from others. Our firm prioritizes special attention to project supervision, selecting a dedicated site supervisor along with a team of expert engineers and designers to manage manpower effectively. This approach enhances the quality of project delivery for the client. We make every effort to deliver the project to the client within the specified timeframe, striving for excellence until the final stage."

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